The Connection Coalition of Southwest Florida is a regional collaboration of private and public  agencies, health care and disability rights  advocates, professionals, educators,  transportation organizations, housing and service  providers, individuals with disabilities and their  families and friends. The Coalition was formed in  2014 to evaluate services currently available  through organizations in our region and to  discuss present and future needs for those with  disabilities. Our coalition aims to:


  1. Promote and develop choices for people with  disabilities and to ensure that they have the  broadest range of options for education,  health services, housing and lifespan needs.

  2. Educate coalition members and the  community at large on innovative alternatives  and approaches through monthly meetings,  site visits and speakers.

  3. Enhance communication between  organizations and agencies in our region to  connect the dots between existing services  with both present and future needs.

  4. Create an ongoing resource for all those who  serve the special needs population by  offering a forum to collectively roadmap a  plan to serve individuals on a variety of fronts  from birth through mature adulthood.

  5. Provide a pathway for new and existing  providers to reach out to those underserved  in our community, and to pinpoint areas that  require critical attention.

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